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About me

Cat Pasta Lab I am Catia, a Clinical Psychologist with a strong passion for fresh pasta making, authentic food and a simple way of life.

I live in London with my partner Niko, a professional photographer and film-maker, our daughter Luna and our two cats. I am fortunate enough to have a cozy country house in Vagli Sotto, Tuscany, which originally belonged to my dearest grandparents and today this is the home of PastaLab. Vagli Sotto is a very special, ‘one of a kind’ Tuscan village which sits on a sunny hill surrounded by a lake and immersed in stunning nature. Unspoiled by tourism, it is simply magical!

I am very thankful to my grandparents for having instilled a strong passion for authentic food and family traditions in me. For my grandparents, meals were the most important daily activity particularly at the end of a very long working day, and mealtimes were the most valuable hours for connection, fun and laughter, especially amongst close family members.

I believe that connecting with past traditions and the experience of being together and sharing a meal is something very meaningful and special; this is the kind of experience which I hope to recreate for my guests when they come along for a visit at PastaLab.                
Catia making handmade pasta